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These 5 Bollywood stars do not spend much money for their fashion, they also take clothes from the sidewalk

Stars who do not spend money for fashion – Friends, today we will not only tell you which
Bollywood stars spend their clothes more, but also we will give you tips to improve your own fashion through
which you also earn less I will be able to look fashionable like these superstars.

As we all have heard that when someone puts fame on haste, his behavior and behavior changes.

More Shan-o-Shaukat changes the behavior and attitude of anyone. Many people start spending more than necessary and in order to look good, they buy expensive and expensive clothes.

But the film stars that we are taking you to meet today are rich, as well as extremely down-to-earth meaning,
these are those stars who do not spend fashionable fashion and instead of designer or branded clothes,
even clothes from small shops. Buy it.

Bollywood Stars that don’t spend fashion

1. Akshay Kumar

After all, who does not know Akshay Kumar, these superstars are not only known for their superhit films
but also have many fans of their simplicity. Akshay Kumar may play a free will in his films, but in real life he is very
simple and is not so fond of branded clothes. Most of their clothes brought from normal shops.

2. Emraan Hashmi

We have often heard that the rich people buy expensive things on the way to win, but
there is an Imranahsami who is said to have bought a cheap cloth if he likes it even while walking.

3. Sunny Deol

If we talk about simple personality, then how can we not talk about Sunny Paji of Bollywood. Sunny Paaji known for his simple nature and
instead of expensive clothes for himself, he prefers not to wear cheap comfortable body clothes.

4. Raj Kumar Rao

Rajkummar Rao says that clothes should be good for the heart and should not be heavy on the
pockets and he also agrees to this.

5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin has not forgotten his past till date and he also says that why should we not reach any
stage of our life, we should not forget our tomorrow.

Bollywood Stars that don’t spend fashion

These are the stars who do not spend money for fashion – so friends, we do have a lesson to learn from this and that is that we do not necessarily buy our clothes branded or expensive, we need confidence inside us To wake up, after which we known not by our clothes but by our nature.

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