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Buy cheap clothes and make them expensive!

You have to go to the party and know that there are more than one people coming there, whose designer clothes you cannot even compete with, then the mind gets depressed, doesn’t it?

Yes, you must have got a magic wand and change your wardrobe! I have brought just this treatment!

Here are the magic ways that you can make your cheap lapdos look expensive without any regard:

1) right bra

This is most important because your expensive, expensive, best looking dress will look absolutely cool if the bra doesn’t match with that! The loose bra will give a snuff of the entire dress, whether it is expensive or cheap! The bra of the right size and well fitting will make your outfit absolutely strong! Look carefully in the mirror and then wear the right bra according to the dress!

2) belt

If you are wearing a western trouser and the belt has loops, then put the belt in it! If you are not fond of wearing a belt, then ask your teller to remove those loops, but wearing such clothes without a belt completely kills their pride!

3) Correct size

You have taken the skirt of your choice in the cell, but it is not necessary that her fit is perfect! So go to Darji, alter it and make it fit so that you look stylish!

4) shoes

Buying good shoes is not enough, handling them is equally useful! It does not matter how expensive or cheap heels are worn. Even if one or two small scratches come, they do not appear, but if they are not maintained, then the soil in those scratches will spoil the luster of the trapped heels! Then cheap or expensive will look bad!

5) Ironing

Yes, a white shirt of 200 rupees will shine more if it is ironed properly. Otherwise, expensive dress folds will lead to holiday goods!

6) Fabric

What kind of clothes are you wearing, it is also important! Linen, cotton or silk is used on every occasion rather than synthetic which does not work much!

7) jacket

Don’t be stingy in buying it! Not too expensive, but your wardrobe should have a jacket that you can wear on both casual and formal occasions!

8) Handbags

This is the true partner of girls and that is why it is necessary to carry a handbag that does not have much metal on the pockets! If the bag becomes cheaper, then the shine of this metal will end first and your honor with it! Lightweight bags without metal are more moving and bring grace too!

9) Black color

When you do not understand anything, are in a dilemma, wear black clothes! Be it a skirt, a dress or a simple t-shirt! This color is the pride of every occasion!

10) Confidence

This is special for you! If you have this, then cheap clothes-shoes-accessories will not look less than a designer wear!

So work on these tips and also appear in cheap clothes like a hot fashion diva!

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