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These 8 fashions of girls do not appeal to boys

Girls’ fashion –

Boys like stylist girls by the way, so whenever it comes to meeting their boyfriends, girls leave the house very attentively.

Many times, to make the boyfriend happy, she does something style or fashion that the boys do not like at all. Let us tell you which girls do not like the fashion of their boyfriends.

Girls’ fashions that boys don’t like –

1 – High West Jeans

Many girls wear high vest, jeans or shorts in the name of fashion, but their style is not liked by boys. If you do this style too, then know that your boyfriend will not like it.

2 – A lot of makeup

Some girls have a habit of always doing a lot of makeup. Although makeup done to look beautiful, but sometimes too much makeup can spoil your beauty. Boys do not like the girl with a lot of make-up.

3 – Deep Lipstick

Some girls think that they look beautiful by applying a lot of lipstick, but it is not so. Boys don’t like girls with dark lipstick. It would be better if you apply very little lipstick or apply light colors.

4 – Floral print

Girls wear floral print wall dresses and they often wear such a dress, but the boys do not understand this fan of girls because they like a floral print dress like a bed sheet lying in the house.

5 – Nail Art

Nowadays, along with the face, girls continue to make their nails beautiful too. She is decorated with various types of nail art. Or they put fake nails, the poor boys do not understand what is required to decorate the nails so much.

6 – Heels

Girls sometimes wear hills to increase their length, but when the design of these hills is strange, boys don’t like it at all. By the way, seeing the girl wearing a heel, the boys think that how does she walk by wearing a 4 inch heel.

7 – Bangles Treasure

Most girl’s love bangles and they wear different bangles of different style in one hand, which also brings a lot of voice. These sounds seem to be irritating to a lot of people. Boys do not like the style of girl’s wearing lots of bangles and bracelets.

8 – torn dress

Dresses that look like torn bands are also in fashion. There are some dresses that will not look like they are new. It is another thing that his partner does not like this fashion at all.

This is the fashion of girl’s that boys do not like – now boys, whatever girl’s think cannot compromise on the matter of fashion, they will do only what they like. If their boyfriends do not like their fashion, then it does not matter to them.

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