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History of Test Cricket

Great journey of 2000 Test matches – History of Test Cricket

Tests in this round of T-Twenty and One Day matches have still been successful in maintaining their popularity.
There was a time when people had made up their mind
to say goodbye to Test cricket but the thrill of the Test match did not allow this to happen.

History of Test Cricket – The greatest players of the world have demonstrated their skills thanks to this Test match.

This game played in four innings for five days is so interesting that people sometimes forget the adventures of T-Twenty and One-day in front of it. TEST TEAM Test cricket started from the match between Australia and England played in Melbourne from 15 to 19 March 1877. Charles Bannerman of Australia faced the first ball of cricket and also scored his first century. Australia won this match by 45 runs.

Initially, Test matches played less because people found it boring to watch the matches for five days. Along with this, the number of countries playing test matches was also less.
It took more than 107 years to complete the first 1000 Test matches but the next 1000 Test matches
completed in only 26 years and eight months.

india-england-cricket-2008-12-23-8-3-42. The 1000th Test match of Test match history played between Pakistan and New Zealand in 1984 in Hyderabad, Sindh. In this match, Javed Miyanand scored a century in both innings of the match. This match defeated by Pakistan by seven wickets.

The 2000th Test match of Test history will be played between India and England from July 21 at Lord’s ground,
which is called the Mecca of Cricket. This match will be important in terms of history as well as it will be important for many Indian players as well. Players like Sachin, Dravid and Laxman may never get a chance to play at Lord’s after this. With this, all Indian cricket lovers will expect Sachin to score a century on the occasion of the Greatest. Sachin has scored 99 international centuries so far, everyone will hope to score a century on Lord’s ground to make this match unforgettable

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