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Why have you forgotten now?

Why have you forgotten now?

One was Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, the grandfather of the cricket world, who once received the status of the best commander of Team India. Today, Dhoni-led Team India is the number one team in the world. Has the country and abroad got into the habit of winning the Indian cricket team? Today Dhoni is tasting dry fruits, which has a bigger hand in generating them than a person who has given up everything for the team. What Lords did and where did they live in the Garden of Eden, they celebrated with joy by opening their hearts. If the team loses, no one is more unhappy than that. In Kolkata, people consider him a god and some people consider him a player bigger than Sachin. But today we have forgotten it. We have forgotten a king whose religion is cricket.

A few days ago, players were auctioned for IPL 4 in Bangalore. From Gautam Gambhir of 11 crores to Umesh Yadav of 7 crores. All the franchises threw a lot of money at the young players. Not only young but some old horses were also charged. But in the midst of all this, cricket showed frustration. The teams spent billions of rupees but no one bought Saurabh Ganguly. People have forgotten Dada, the day when he was the king.

The question is, why did this happen? Probably because nowadays a lot of money has been made from the player. Franchises do not spend money on any player like this. In fact, she bets on the players to win them matches. And IPL means T20 cricket where it is most needed, why should any of the youngsters put their bets on Saurabh, who has grown old in terms of cricket. But he is not alone, Rahul Dravid and Laxman have also become old and Saurabh has also performed well in the IPL. As far as the last IPL is concerned, Saurabh scored the most runs for Kolkata.

After the auction was over, many people came in support of Dada. Seeing the love of cricket lovers towards grandfather, the heart became happy. But the question is whether Saurabh Ganguly will play in IPL-4? It is very difficult to say anything now, but chances are that Saurabh might play in the IPL. Kochi, the new team that joined the IPL this year, has said to buy Saurabh, for this he has also gone to the IPL Governing Committee. Hope is raised that Saurabh will probably play, but joy is not celebrated only with the help of hope.

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